Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We choose our own weather, even in the rain.

It's a rainy day at the campsite.  The boys are restless inside, the birds flutter about outside.  Everyone trying to wait out the weather, and get on with the plan of the day.

We try to keep our living areas cleaned up and all the food in its proper places, as the raindrops plop and drip on the rooftop.  Little House reruns are coming across the antenna, and we enjoy some "old fashioned" TV to pass the time.
The baby naps, on and off, not keeping to his regular schedule.  Luckily, he is a happy baby and keeps in good spirits, even when we pack him around on these adventures.

Out the window, neighbor campers pack up quickly as the downpour turns to sprinkles.  They know it's a now or never (well, later) if you need to check out today.

Todd and one of the middle boys must be keeping at it in this light rain.  They love trout fishing and want to take advantage of every opportunity because we don't get down often.  There will be stories to tell when they get back even if there are no fish.  The boys love their adventure stories.

The boys stuck inside with me start to invent imaginary contraptions that would allow them to scooter and skateboard in the rain.  A plain umbrella remade to "actually be useful". It's its own form of entertainment.

It's spring break and it's raining, and I couldn't be happier to be "stuck" with my boys and Todd in this story.

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