Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Any statement can be a question?

I love that summer let's me slow down.  And it can be a busy time too.  We are running here and there, trying to fit in all the down-time fun.

Today, as we were eating lunch and cleaning up after, I was thinking about the many possibilities for an SOL post.  G, the youngest of the bunch, kept asking questions, as 2 year olds typically do.

"You all done eating?"

"I can get down now?"

"You don't like that drink?"

"It make such a mess?"

He loves to repeat most anything anyone of us says.  He will also retain it for later, presenting your statement back to you.

"You so tired?"

"I like your hair?"

"You so thirsty?"

"It so hot out there?"

"Daddy have to go to work?"

Today, I noticed this pattern and I want to write all his little questions down.  The best case scenario would be video so that I could hold the image of his round cheeks and blond hair and the sound of his sweet little voice with the words, but I have to become much more crafty.  He clams up whenever a recording device is near.  This time and these words are precious, and I keep needling myself over preserving memories and comparing the amount of effort I've put forth for each boy.

I don't remember any of my other boys employing this strategy to communicate.  It does seem that G has an extensive vocabulary for such a little guy.  He waited quite a while before saying much at all, but now, he's got lots to say.  However, most phrases end with his voice going up at the end.  It's as if he may be questioning us, in all we do and say.


  1. I hope you'll find a way to record his talking. It's so much fun to listen to a two-year-old talk. I am spending time with my little nephew who turned two in June and it is amazing how much he listens, remembers and repeats. His favourite question is to check where everyone is and what they are doing.

  2. This is a sweet slice. I'm glad that summer gives us all some time to slow down and really listen to what people around us are saying. Enjoy your time with your little one!


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