Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Book Study

Thumbs let go of pages as they fall into the next one.  Highlighter caps click off and snap back on again.  Candy wrappers crinkle.

We're reading and studying and noting.  We're thinking and writing and reviewing.

The quasi silence is the gift of time to participate in a book study during the school day.  We are teachers and learners.  We are together.  The feelings of camaraderie and collaboration are bouncing on the air, like magic spells causing each of us to smile.

We talk.  We listen. 

We ponder.  We dream.

We plan.  We reflect.

We are inspired by what we read.  We look for the beginnings of our goals amongst the happenings of our present day.  Do you think?  Could we maybe?  What about if?

If all our time together was this intentional...

If all our time together was this treasured...

If all our time together was this positive...

We thank each other for the effort and the time and the candy.  We promise to do it all again soon.  We leave better than when we arrived.