Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Hectic Life

As I'm anticipating the rush and reflection of March, I'm reminded of my already hectic life. 

For example, today we had our monthly Staff Meeting after school.  This meeting puts me in a crunch to pick up the youngest boy from the baby-sitter or preschool on time.  The dreary day was keeping any enthusiasm I might have for the meeting at bay.  Trying to get ahead of the afternoon hustle, I text my husband to see if he would be available to run pick up duty. 

"No seat" was his reply. 

We've been experimenting with the booster seat.  Technically, G needs to gain one more pound to use the booster, but it is much easier to move from vehicle to vehicle.  Either way, Todd has no seat, so the responsibility is mine.

As soon as I could escape without being rude, I hit the road, a bit later than usual, but on time.  With drops assaulting my windshield, I pulled into the parking lot of the preschool.  I unbuckle my belt, step out into the rain, and hop up onto the curb.  The door is unlocked and I notice the lights are off inside the window.

From the darkness, as I open the door, Miss Tessa simply says, "It's Tuesday."

I know that.  I look at her trying to understand why she is telling me it's Wednesday..."Fudge!"  I pivot on my heel, using my backside to push the door open again.  G is at the sitter on Tuesdays!

The race is on now.  I've wasted what time I had salvaged in leaving promptly by traveling to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday location.  TODAY IS TUESDAY!

I'm speeding to the sitter's house, grateful it's not too far away.  I make it in less than 10 minutes, with no time to spare.  I jump out of the car already apologizing, "I'm sorry I'm late..."

The sitter is graciously smiling.  G is waiting by the door, "Mommy!!!"  Everything is fine.

I get in my own way so often.  I really should take some time and slow down.