Friday, March 23, 2018

Human Sundae?

This afternoon brings with it more rain and the probability of chocolate syrup in my hair.  One will not completely cancel out the other, but someone has to do it!

A colleague and good friend is part an "Aspire" administration program for teachers who have or are in the course of getting their administration certification and have interest in becoming an administrator in our district.  This is a choice I will always say "No Thanks!" to.  I think being an administrator would be worse that having two feet full of ingrown toenails, too painful to think about!

Anyway, she is heading up monthly attendance incentive activities for the second semester.  We've had eggs on principals' heads and silly olympics.  This month, the kids are making human sundaes out of three brave volunteers (who might have been asked specifically).  Really, I am happy to do it.  I hope none of the kids, like, have IT out for me or something.  It's going to be fun.  I'm sure of it.

I don't know all the details, but the calories from this sundae will be burning from laughing it off instead of taking it all in.

Also, it's the Friday before Spring Break, so excitement is in the air.  She just popped her head in the door, "Are you getting totally psyched?!?"

Oh, yes.  Totally.  Psyched!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Poem for Literacy Fair (and Leadership Night)

   Literacy Fair to celebrate all our teachers and students do,
   Including all our writing to
   Teach and
   Entertain and persuade.
   Reading books
   And then reviewing them to
reCommend or even convince
   You to buy (at the book fair in the library).

   For families to enjoy,
   Also, for us to show off our everyday work.
 wIth some arts and crafts thrown in for extra pizazz,
   Recognition for effort is appreciated.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Before That

We're trying something new here, inspired by From the Eye of a Tiger.  It's a new structure that I think really helps me zero in on my slices of life. 

It's been a busy day with me flying around the school and home, and not feeling like I was getting much done.  Here's a taste of it.

Currently...sitting on the couch, beside a snoozing husband, leaning back with my legs criss-crossed, my sparkly purple chucks setting on the footrest of the recliner, "watching" American Pickers reruns.

Before that...hollered down for the middles to turn the TV off and brush teeth, then rocked and shushed and sang lullabies to the youngest.

Before that...packed up the leftovers from dinner, set the three bowls on the middle shelf of the frig, and put the dirties in the dishwasher.

Before that...hefted some groceries to the camper and put them in the panty, then bundled up some bedding to put in the washing machine.

Before that...grabbed some spaghetti off the shelves of the pantry and reached for the sauce we had opened last night to dip our pizza crust in, all for supper for the family.

Before that...ran into WalMart with the middle boys to grab a couple of things, cabbage, ice cream, meatballs, and gum.

Before that...pick up the middle boys from school and take the cat to the vet to get her stitches out.  (She was spayed last week.)

Before that...attended the school district health fair and test drove a couple of cars for a fundraiser.

Before that...shared reading with my kindergarten friends with a substitute classroom teacher and no internet.  Thankfully, I had a paper copy ready to go and some dry erase markers for Word Work Wednesday.

Before that...finished up 5th grade Civil War report recordings.  The kids (and teachers) have been working really hard.  It is nice to check that off the list.

Before that...lunch of avocado with salt and pepper and some crunched up penguin cheese crackers, pretty much cracker crumbs.

Before that...5th graders recording reports and some technical difficulties with headsets and mics not working with some laptops.  We traded and interchanged and swapped a few (million) times to find a pairing without static.

Before that...forgot that a couple of colleagues were going to use my room to plan a district PD.  So, I tried to work and let them work, but I ended up talking to them a little anyway.

Before that...welcomed parents and families to our school wide celebration assembly.  We checked IDs and made sure everyone was safe before the fun festivities began.  It was good to see kids excited about reaching goals and being supported by their families, both home families and school families.

Before that...running late to get out the door, so Todd takes the little guy to the sitter for me.  The middles and I rush to school jamming the music a bit louder to wake us all up.

Before that...even though I can hear the oldest downstairs getting ready, Todd shut the alarm off, so I lay here wishing for a few more minutes.  I'm so sleepy this morning.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

How to Get Happy

Today, I've fallen in a funk, a crevice where the sunlight doesn't quite touch me.  It's not where I want to be, nor is it the mood I want for my writing.

So, I'm taking control of the situation.  Happiness is a choice.  Instead of dragging you down with the monotony of woe, I'm going to make a Thankful List.  Look around, people who are grateful for even the smallest things, are also happy.  Here's to turning a frown upside down!

My March 20 Thankful List (of 20)

  1. sunshine (partly) on this cloudy day
  2. full shelves in my pantry
  3. clean laundry
  4. toothbrushes and paste
  5. cell phones
  6. Snapchat with my family
  7. nail polish
  8. historical fiction
  9. essential oils
  10. tile floors
  11. fresh air (even when it's chilly)
  12. socks
  13. opportunities to work
  14. smiles
  15. refrigerators
  16. avocados
  17. salt!!
  18. clean sheets
  19. campers
  20. contacts for accurate vision
  21. country living
  22. leggings
  23. Dreft scented t-shirts (and the little one who wears them)
  24. a dependable vehicle
  25. our dog
  26. pillows that my head can sink into
  27. YA novels with smart girls who might do dumb stuff
  28. old stuff
  29. new technologies
  30. my life
Thanks for reading today.  I am grateful for you, too!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Thoughts on This Rainy Day

It's raining, it's pouring, please keep Mrs. Culbertson from snoring.

The rain started in earnest a little after noon.  The vent above my desk indicated a light sprinkle to start (the decibels of sound as precipitation hits the metal roof are my gauge).  Then, suddenly, a deluge!  Drops pounding into the the top of the building with all the force of a two ton weight.  It sounds like literal cats and dogs might be hitting the roof.

The fifth graders are back in my room working to record themselves reading their Civil War reports.  By some miracle (or practiced selective hearing), they continue reading on, voices slightly louder.

The rain eases off a bit, enough that the sound isn't forcing the kids to re-record.  It's a steady pitter-patter on the metal, with a little wave louder and then softer as the breeze blows.  There is rain forecasted for the next ten days, into half of spring break...all the way through this week.

I wonder, "Do the kids feel the lull of post-lunch-white-noise?"  Thank goodness I don't have comfy spot where I could cuddle up.  If I did, I would be snoozing, no doubt.  Also, the students in and out, giving me looks of "Got it" and "Need some help" will keep me up and at 'em.

How is your Monday afternoon going?