Friday, March 13, 2020

A Special Night

#SOL20 Day 13

As we gathered around the pizza boxes, Gabe said, "I will pray tonight."  He's four.  This is new.

With his hands covering his eyes he began,

"Dear God,

Thank you for our family.
Thank you for our neighbors.
Thank you for our warm house.
Thank you for our new kitchen.
Thank you for our toys.
Thank you for God and Jesus.


His focus on thanks and the simplicity of his words made me smile. 

We are grateful for the life we have to share tonight.


  1. Attitude of Gratitude. I love it. Out of the mouth of babes. This made me smile, too.

  2. Sweet prayer. It means so much coming from one so young!

    1. Yes. For some reason, his prayers are our favorites. Thanks for reading!

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