Friday, March 6, 2020

The Farm House

#SOL20 Day 6

The farm house
is home
some weekends
when we need
a place to stay.

Always "homey"
with a grill
on the patio
and an opossum
under the deck.

We walk the hills
to look
for treasures
only nature provides.

With board games 
in the closet
and pickles 
in the fridge
there's something
for each of us.

When we need
a place to stay
the farm house 
is home.


  1. Your farm house sounds amazing - good for the soul!

  2. it is so nice to have a country place to visit when you need to be in touch with the natural world -- even when it's an opossum under the deck. I hope it didn't cause you any problems.


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