Sunday, March 8, 2020

Everything is Fine

#SOL20 Day 8

It's funny how you may not feel "stressed" but it shows its self anyway.

Yesterday, I started out from the farm house ahead of schedule.  The oldest son was in charge of J at home, so he could attend a 4H safety meeting.  The second son was with Todd at the farm with a day of fun work in store.  I had the little man with me to drop at Todd's mom's house for the day.

"Cash, coffee, and sunglasses...That's my list after I drop G at your mom's," I inform my husband.

He responds with a kiss and a "Have fun," with his mind already in the tractor and wondering about the wind's affect on his plans today.

I get G strapped into his new booster seat.  He feels so grown up in it, smiling the whole time we drive to town.  Once he is settled with the grandparents, I'm on my own and still ahead of schedule.  I'm trying to remember the three C words I had on my list.  Everything is going great.

Casey's General Store is our one convenience store in town.  Growing up, I spent most every dollar I ever made there.  Today, though, I only need a couple of things.  I go in a get distracted by breakfast pizza that says, "Sausage with Gravy" on the tag.  This intrigues me, so I must eat it.  Then coffee is a must.  It was on the list.  I am unfamiliar with Casey's coffee so I go with a medium roast with "Java" in the title and add some syrup.  It turns out to be caramel flavored...oh, well.

Sunglasses!  I do not need three things that start with C.  I need sunglasses.  When we left home yesterday I was wearing my glasses (instead of my contacts) and left all my numerous pairs of sunglasses behind.  Today has to be the sunniest day we've had in months.

Because I'm wearing bright yellow pants, I go with a pair of aviators with yellow mirrored lenses.  I pay and awkwardly slide back into the car with my pizza balanced on top of my coffee cup.  Everything is fine.

Ok, breakfast and sunglasses are checked off the list, so I head over to the bank for some cash.  Todd and I have used this back since before we were married.  This is his account from when he was a teenager.  It's been our "home" bank forever.

The ATM is at an awkward angle so I have to pull up then back in closer.  I grab my card from my wallet and push it into the slot.  English...PIN...withdrawal...amount...

"Incorrect PIN, what?!"

I give it another try thinking I must have missed pressing a digit hard enough...0-8-9-0.

"Crap!  How can that be incorrect?  I've had the same PIN for years!  Wait...did I get a new card lately?"  I'm talking out loud to myself and on the verge of a freak out.  Everything is not fine.

I try another PIN, knowing it goes with Todd's account at the other bank.  "Incorrect PIN"  I knew it.  I reach out and pinch the card between my index finger and thumb.  It won't budge.  Some mechanism is holding the card in the ATM!  I think I've entered the wrong PIN too many times.  It's going to take my card.  I don't understand...that HAS to be the right PIN!!

Cancel!  I stab the red cancel button with too much force.  The panic is in my eyes.  I head a clicking sound and the machine releases its hold on my card.  "What in the world?!?"  Crazy machines!

I look at my card with grateful eyes because I was sure it was gone for good.  "Community State...FOR HEAVENS' SAKE!"  I've decided to raise my voice with myself.  This is not Community State, that's the HSA card.  I need the Exchange Bank card!!

I jab this imposter black card with red letters back into my wallet and flip to the other side of the card pockets to find my ATM card.  What an idiot.

After using the right card with the corresponding PIN, I have my cash and I'm on my way.  What a fiasco!  However, everything is fine.

Good thing I was running ahead of schedule and could leisurely check these three things off my list this morning!  HA!

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  1. Now I know your PIN and will steal all your millions! I can hear you saying, Emily what is your problem! - Talking to yourself/the ATM.
    Now, I want you to give yourself some positive self talk about how you problem-solved and keep going even in the face of adversity.
    Thanks for the adventure! And I love your dialogue with the machine!


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