Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Flipping Through: Ten Stories I've Never Told

#SOL20 Day 10

Flipping through my notebooks today, looking for some inspiration, I noticed a pattern.  Actually, I noticed a lack of pattern, maybe.

Story I've Never Told #1: A letter to Whom It May Concern that started out hot about creating home buttons for 1st graders on the iPads that aren't labeled appropriately and instead of helping, make more work for teachers.  Then I quit writing.  I was so mad, but didn't seem to have the time to write it all out.

Story I've Never Told #2: A Grateful List: it's very long, listing little everyday items and big world creation items.  It does include my husband and children.

Story I've Never Told #3: The memory of taking my driving test is detailed, but it has no dialogue.  Wait, it says, "Just go on." The examiner's remark after I found myself perpendicular in the parallel parking spot.

Story I've Never Told #4: Trying to capture an in the moment mini-lesson for aother teacher.

Story I've Never Told #5: The title "Some Days Are Just [EXPLETIVE]".  Then "Today was a day for bad words."  That's it.  I wonder if I was saying the bad words or if kids were saying bad words.  I'm curious to know but have zero recollection of the moment.

Story I've Never Told #6: A reflection on my own writing process that names procrastination more than once.  Interesting.

Story I've Never Told #7: A real try at a haiku about asphalt, unfinished.

Story I've Never Told #8: A gathering of sad bits of thoughts after seeing a colleague who had moved on to administration at another building.  I do miss her.

Story I've Never Told #9: An Ode to Christmas socks.  It's a love fest on that page.  I sound like a maniac and a smidge obsessive.  Probably best to keep that one in the notebook.

Story I've Never Told #10: And I still think this is some fantastically clever writing that I want to turn into a story.

What stories do you keep hidden away from the light of day and your computer screen?


  1. When I was in middle and high school, I wanted to write a novel. I only ever finished one of my many, many ideas. I still have some of those on my computer - a reminder of who I was then and the creative ideas that I had.

    1. What a treasure! I have started and abandoned about fifty journals/diaries in my 40 years. I would love to have recorded something to look back on. Most of all are daily emails from my friends our freshman and sophomore years of college. I would publish those babies and be rich. They were the best!

  2. Story #1 "The sure thing" My somewhat baffling obsession with 80's John Cusak movies- I know I should have outgrown them and maybe nostalgically watch them, but nope- I still really enjoy them

  3. This is such a good idea. You can be vulnerable without telling all! I love the writing on the lemonade/ice tea ad, too. That's a story I'd like to read, I think.

    1. I LOVE the alliteration...and it's just my style. YA and on the verge of rolling my eyes. Ha! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Your slice made me laugh! I think there was more than one time you were perpendicular and I was the one saying ‘bad words’!!
    Love these and thanks for including the lemonade label. Now I want an Arnold Palmer!

  5. I'm so grateful you comment, Sissy!


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