Monday, March 23, 2020

Which shoes?

#SOL20 Day 23

When I got up this morning, I had to decide which shoes to wear.  How do I want to walk a mile?  Do I look at the world with worry and fear, or am I strong in my faith and grateful for the days I have?  I'm trying on the latter.  They seem to fit just fine!

Today, I got to go to school for four hours (see what I did there).  Our Spring Break is officially over, so we begin our COVID-19 closure today. 

Over the past few days, although technically on break, teachers have been collaborating to build learning choice boards for families to use while we are closed.  I am continually impressed and impacted by the actions, thoughts, and words of my teachers.  This experience upped the level exponentially.

Anyway, today I find myself in a mostly empty school where I am collaborating with teams virtually for the most part.  We designed a product that is friendly and full of good ideas.  We did the best we could, as I know all educators are.

Here are some things from my four hours at school that I will choose to see as a "fun thing".

1. I was in a rock and roll mood and blared my "Pat Benatar Radio" for all to appreciate...all, meaning me.

2. I left the doors to my room wide open, knowing I wouldn't bother anyone and no one would bother me.

3. I went to the bathroom twice---in four hours!

4. Some teachers and I had conversations that had nothing to do with school.

5. I had a cup of tea, while it was still hot!

6. I cleaned out my email.  Well, I made an improvement in the inbox anyway.

7. There was ample time for me to think about some long term plans.  Outside of the closure, what do I have in my control?  What can I do with this "gift" of time without students?

8. I spent a little stretch of time in reflection, thinking on the big picture of my work and how I want that to look.

9. I took a deep breath and exhaled.

10. I joyously discarded the data charts that I didn't want to look at anymore.  Our state testing has been canceled, and I am definitely going to see that with a sunny background and a big smile on my face.

11. I closed the doors to my room and said my goodbyes to the few here with me, packing extra bags of books.  However, I'm taking some things home with a vision in my heart, not resentment.

12. We got to dress casual with sweats being acceptable since we were working through virtual collaboration most of the time.  I am wearing jeans and a cozy cardigan to school.  We rarely get to wear jeans.  My canvas loafers are as comfy as can be.

Which pair of shoes are you wearing today?


  1. We are on Spring Break this week, though it felt like Spring Break last week. We should hear by the end of the week what the expectations are for online learning for the coming weeks. I suspect my teaching partner and I will spend the weekend tele-collaborating to get things set up for next week. I sure miss working face to face with my colleagues and my students.

  2. I love how you wrote about choosing what shoes, and what attitude, you were going to "wear" today! The past few weeks, if anything, have shown how resilient, creative, and passionate teachers are.

  3. Love your shoes and your list! I also hope to just get my inbox tamed - trying to set realistic goals!
    Can’t believe you are wearing a cozy cardigan!! I didn’t know you owned one or 50!)


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