Tuesday, March 3, 2020


#SOL20 Day 3

The tick tock of the clock in my bathroom seems unusually loud as I notice the dimness of the moment.  I recline back into the pillows to relax for just a minute.  It's almost dinner time.  My ponytail pulls and I readjust my head, eyes flickering shut.  The boys are outside playing.  It is such a beautiful day.

"Em?  You up here?  Oh, hey, you feel ok?" Todd's trying to locate me then understands what my closed eyes are telling him so I don't have to form words.  "Bad day?" he wants to help, always the fixer.

"No, just tired," I just need about three minutes or so.  I throw my right arm over my head and turn onto my left side.  Maybe if I could just drift off for a second, I'll get a little jolt and be ready to go for the rest of the night.

He softly responds, "Ok, I'll be out with the boys.  Take all the time you need."

He gets it.  He'll be down in his recliner dozing around 7:00 or so, usually about thirty minutes after dinner.

It's almost dark now.  My room is so relaxing, the bed so soft to sink into.  I'm just going to rest for a tiny, little bit.


  1. This is how I feel almost every day after a day of teaching. Nothing beats laying down in a cozy bed after a long day!

  2. It's amazing how much energy that teaching takes! I long for a nice warm cozy bed far too often! ;-) ~JudyK

  3. Oh my...sounds like a bit of heaven after a long day. It's very dangerous so lay down after school. Three minutes is never long enough. I hope you enjoyed your nap.


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