Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How Much Farther?

#SOL20 Day 18

"Mom, how much farther?" they have taken turns asking from the back seat.

I answer, "About an hour and a half or so."  We're on our way home from Spring Break camping and fishing.  It's been a great trip, a little cold and a little rainy, but great times together.

Everyone had a mid trip pee break.  We made sure to wash our hands more thoroughly than usual.  Our snacks were from inside the camper pantry.  My new goal will be to keep the adults, Todd and I, awake for the rest of the trip.

Somewhere between 1:00am and 2:00am last night, I was awake.  I think we have a mouse in the camper.  I couldn't sleep, and either my imagination is more convincing than ever, or we have a mouse.  I'm not at all happy about this possibility.  Needless to say, he and I are tired.

I start to point out license plates from other states, "Kentucky!" I say with enthusiasm to distract the boys.  It doesn't really work.  T is asleep-ish, thanks to dramamine.  D is trolling his phone incessantly. G is wanting to be home.  J is laying across my lap and then yammering on to Todd about something.  Because he occupies the bench seat between Todd and I, he is assisting in the stay-awake-while-driving plan.

Todd taps the breaks to disengage the cruise control.  We're coming up on a couple of semi trucks.  "Iowa," I say.  No one cares.

We drive on, toward the northeast, with home in our sights.  We'll have the real world waiting for us when we get there.

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  1. Wow!

    Your story reminds me of times when we were/are coming home after long days and kids used to so sleepy in back seats while tried to stay awake n Keep Steve company.

    What a road trip. We did some camping when Awesome was young, now my road trips are back n forth to UMN most of the time.

    You made a lot of memories even when sleepy n worries.

    Looking forward to read more.


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