Saturday, March 2, 2019

The next day

Even though it's not that early, it's still and quiet.  The rush of yesterday has fallen away in the night.  My sister is in the kitchen, trying out a new cinnamon roll recipe.  I beat the eggs and stood beside her for a bit, but my two hands sat idle and empty for long enough, and I left to the living room to get my day started.

It's promised to be another busy one because of the weather.  Soon, we'll be packing and prepping for an early departure.  They are expecting up to 8" of snow at home overnight.  I have no desire to drive or ride in that, so we're cutting our plans a bit short to try and get back to our own beds tonight.  It will take me about eight hours to travel from my little sister's house back to my own.

There's a shuffle from the hallway.  My mom has decided to rise and shine.  We'll get an itinerary together, get ourselves in order, and off and running.  It's going to be another wonderful day with the ladies in my life.  Although it will be cut short a bit, I'll enjoy every minute of it.

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