Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Finding My Sister Everywhere

 My sister, Colleen, is turning 40.  It is a surreal situation.  My mind can't comprehend how this can be possible.  In my mind, my mom is in her 30s, so how could I or Colleen be entering our 40s?!? 

I've always looked up to my little sister.  She is super smart.  You know where you stand with her.  She strives and excels and leaves her competition in the dust.  She cares about everything and everyone.  She cares so very much.

My sister is everywhere.  Maybe it's because we have 18 months between our ages and experienced most of our lives side-by-side.  I can find her in a second, in everyday moments of my life.  Today, I thought I might show her how often I think of her by making a list of forty things that make me think of her.

  1. unicorns
  2. Tang
  3. curling irons
  4. pigs
  5. Jelly shoes
  6. basketball
  7. Patsy Cline
  8. dusty rose Ropers
  9. FFA
  10. Nellyville
  11. BB guns
  12. push mowing
  13. Halloween costumes
  14. tall shelves
  15. gardening
  16. Dutch Blitz
  17. self help books
  18. matching shirts
  19. Little Women
  20. beets
  21. trampolines
  22. sycamore trees
  23. Dwight Yokam
  24. The Boxcar Children series
  25. dolls (mostly fancy ones)
  26. track meets
  27. peanut butter and pickle sandwiches
  28. mascots
  29. ballerinas
  30. card games
  31. Rummikub
  32. Bible verses
  33. Jelly Bellys
  34. oil changes
  35. Cinderella
  36. orchids
  37. Geo Metros
  38. french horns
  39. thick hair
  40. physics
I could probably make forty lists of forty things, but everyone would stop reading at this point!  She is a huge part of my life and I love her to the ends of it!!

Happy birthday, sissy!!  I love you!!


  1. Sisters are the best! My sister and I are only 15 months apart. I'm the younger sister and we are now both in our 40s. I remember a few years ago when she turned 40, I texted her to say, "It seems like 40 isn't that old after all!" Even though she is my slightly older sister, she could never seem "old" to me. I'm glad she entered the 40s first-- it made it no big deal! I LOVE your list of 40 things! Happy birthday to your sister!

  2. What a fun way to recognize your sis's birthday. Did you both play the French horn? There are a few of these that may deserve a future slice. Hope her day was filled with joy. Lucky you to have a sister so close in age!


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