Monday, March 6, 2017

Sometimes we need new grease 6/31 #SOL17

Handy husbands are the best kind of husbands.  Well, I think so anyway.  Today's project was really out of the blue.

As I was cleaning up after dinner, and the boys had come back in from playing football outside, I asked my husband, "When you have nothnig else to do, can you research how to maintain my Kitchenaid mixer?  It's making a kind of noise when I run it."

"Let me hear it," he said.  So I turned it on for about 15 seconds.  "It sounds like the grease needs replaced."  He is a very DIY sort of fella, and I am grateful for it.

So, he consulted Youtube before tearing into the mixer.  Luckily, the first video showed him exactly what and how needed to be done, confirming his initial guess.

Here is our disassembled mixer.  Now that I look at the photo, I am more nervous about the whole project than I was when it was actually happening.

There is only one time that I can remember my husband tearing into a project where he had to pause and call for backup.  He was doing some regular maintainence on an Evinrude 75 hp boat engine, and he took of something that he thought was a fuel filter.  However, it was not as he thought and a spring went flying across the basement.  It was not to be.  He had to haul the engine to a marina mechanic to be repaired.

Today's project went just as planned.  We replaced this nasty, separated grease with new, creamy gear grease, and the mixer is humming along like brand new.

March is my new grease.  I am looking to finish strong this school year.  With a daily dose of gratitude for the work that I am blessed to do, I can feel the difference in how my days run.

I've cleaned out the gunk (mostly my own attitude and choices for mindset).  Just like the new grease in my mixer, the appreciation for my life's circumstances has my gears running smooth once again.

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