Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday as a reset 5/31 #SOL17

Like most people, I love the weekends, especially Sunday.  Sunday feels like a reset.  Let go of last week and whatever negativity it holds.  Look forward to this new week and all positive presumptions one can make about it.  Today was extraordinarily fabulous.

My husband went to the farm today.  We store our camper there, about 2 hours away.  Today, he brought it back with him.

My insides are smiling.  The camper setting in the driveway looks like fun.  It looks like good times to come, campfires and s'mores.  It looks like family time and memories made.  It looks like hope and potential and sunshine.  Spring is here, and summer is on it's way.  I can't wait for all the fun to come.

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  1. Looks like you are already planning several fun weekends. Enjoy


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