Thursday, March 1, 2018

Let's Get It Started! #SOL18 1/31

Well, I am queen of best intentions.  One of those people who are thoughtful, but have a hard time with the "follow through".  I know what's coming, and I've been gearing up both in thought and in action.  I have a new favorite pen, waiting for March to get here.  My prize is readied, setting, joy materialized.  The SOL Challenge 2018 has been a little section of my mind, a little plan on my list, a part of the writing I've been waiting to do.

March is HERE!!  Today is the day!!  Let's get it started!

And then, I have visitors from another school today.  I'm up a little late this morning.  We are one sub short.  Three grade levels are between units and not even really writing today!  One of my strongest teachers is out because her mom had knee replacement surgery this week.  My visitors stay longer than expected.  I have bus duty.

After school, my husband texts that he is headed home early and has picked up the youngest from the sitter.  I grab the middle boys and point our vehicle toward home too.  I heat up some leftovers and munch on some chips.  The boys are fed.

Not yet, I have to finish the taxes.  I forgot, last night, I commited to these final entries.

I want to write!!!  I've been looking forward to this day for ages!!!

So, by the skin of my teeth, I make a deadline for some writing that I wanted to be sooo much more than this.

It's March.  The SOL18 has started.  I can't wait to breath it in and savor it...all month!

Welcome, friends!  I've been waiting for you!!

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