Monday, March 19, 2018

Thoughts on This Rainy Day

It's raining, it's pouring, please keep Mrs. Culbertson from snoring.

The rain started in earnest a little after noon.  The vent above my desk indicated a light sprinkle to start (the decibels of sound as precipitation hits the metal roof are my gauge).  Then, suddenly, a deluge!  Drops pounding into the the top of the building with all the force of a two ton weight.  It sounds like literal cats and dogs might be hitting the roof.

The fifth graders are back in my room working to record themselves reading their Civil War reports.  By some miracle (or practiced selective hearing), they continue reading on, voices slightly louder.

The rain eases off a bit, enough that the sound isn't forcing the kids to re-record.  It's a steady pitter-patter on the metal, with a little wave louder and then softer as the breeze blows.  There is rain forecasted for the next ten days, into half of spring break...all the way through this week.

I wonder, "Do the kids feel the lull of post-lunch-white-noise?"  Thank goodness I don't have comfy spot where I could cuddle up.  If I did, I would be snoozing, no doubt.  Also, the students in and out, giving me looks of "Got it" and "Need some help" will keep me up and at 'em.

How is your Monday afternoon going?

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  1. Oh! Monday afternoon was hard! This was our first day back after spring break. I didn't get my post-lunch snooze. ;) We didn't have rain, but it was chilly-ish. (45 and sunny) Last Friday was horrible here for rain and productivity, because it was freezing as well, so no one really wanted to venture out. So we headed to the farm naturally. :) Thanks for sharing!


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