Thursday, March 3, 2016

New books make me feel like Mary Catherine Callagher

Today, I was called up to the district central office to help with books that had been ordered for classroom libraries.  The curriculum office secretary, Ashley, had asked for some help.  As we rounded the corner, I stopped in surprise.  My eyes fell on a hallway full of white boxes with red lettering labeled Scholastic.  It was a beautiful sight.
Ashley and I were to inventory the shipment and divide it up between the elementary schools.  I proceeded to help Ashley by becoming completely inebriated in the feel, smell, and vividly colored book covers.  Like a ping pong ball, my attention bounced from box to box, from title list to packing list, from order copy to distribution plan.  I was overwhelmed, each book a siren calling out, requiring my response.  I was a total spaz, and it was wonderful.
Eventually, I calmed, apologized to Ashley, and buckled down to be a true help.  We were joined by reinforcements a short time later.  One room held tables where we sorted titles for K and 1 elementary classrooms (the beginnings of this project are in the photo below).  Out in the hallway, we sorted boxes of collections of books for upper elementary.  Working together with high spirits, the crew finished the job in a few hours.  It was like being a kid at Christmas and being Santa, all at the same time.


  1. There is just something wonderful about new books...they encompass all kinds of hope. I hope you were able to sneak a few reads while you were sorting and organizing.

  2. Books do have an intoxicating effect on a bibliophile. I know this from experience.


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