Wednesday, March 9, 2016

the shoes #SOL16

Before you begin reading today, I want all readers to notice that the title is not The Shoes, but instead the shoes.  This post will not be a riveting tale of fabulous shoes and how they came to be mine.  No, not all.  This story takes place in completely different time and setting.

The shoes at my house are completely out of control.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SHOES!  I would have a million pair if I could.  My mom used to call me Imelda (after Imelda Marcos), and that was before I was of an age where I could buy my own shoes. shoes are not the problem.

My home houses four sons and my husband.  They have shoe problems.

Inside the garage, next to the door to the house is a boot rack.  It is a shelving unit with wire shelves to hold boots.  The wire bottoms let the mud and dirt fall off the boots, so it can easily be swept up. I should say "in theory" as we don't know if this actually happens.  The shelves have the potential to hold about 8-10 pairs of boots.  Unfortunately, boots are rarely placed on the shelf, so it has yet to live up to its potential.  Instead, the boots sit on the floor in front of the shelf, or they are kicked off in every direction, landing exactly where I will trip over them.


  1. "so it has yet to live up to its potential"
    Oh, potential, a word that holds so much promise, but rarely delivers. I laughed at your post because I live alone and, though I put my shoes in the right place, I don;t line them up neatly. It's a good thing I don;t have that many pairs.

  2. I have had the same problem. It isn't my shoes that are the problem, it is his shoes. And I do trip over them. The recent acquisition of a puppy has made it better. We have to put shoes away or she eats them. As she is getting older though, I'm finding more shoes out and about again. I guess it was only a temporary fix.

  3. This is my life. I bought a cubby for the shoes. Nobody puts their shoes in the actual cubby but instead kicks them off right in front of the cubby. Grrr.

  4. My husband wears a size 14. I keep telling him that the space by the door can only hold so many pairs of size 14 shoes!


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