Sunday, March 22, 2020

Before Today

#SOL20 Day 22

Before today, the grass was greening up.

Before today, D changed the oil in the lawn mower in preparation for mowing soon to come.

Before today, we wore shorts outside for most of the afternoon and played basketball.

Before today, we saw springtime birds flying all around.

Before today, we worked in the front landscaping and actually enjoyed it.

Before today, we went outside to get a break from each other.

Before today, we were making plans for outside chores and summertime schedules.

Before today, we were doing ok with self-quarantine.

Today, it snowed and snowed, giant, obnoxious flakes.  We've been inside all day.


  1. Oh no! I hear the snow is coming here tomorrow. Love the repetition in this story told in verse. Thanks for this!

  2. Your story is nicely told! I can relate to your situation, since it turned quite cold where I live after being quite warm just a few days ago. Hang in there! If the weather is anything like the weather where I live, it'll change again soon. I think Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes! ;-) ~JudyK

  3. I love the the reason this slice exists stands on the periphery. We know the elephant in this room is not the weather, yet you keep it at bay. We are all going to have to get good at this inside and out.

  4. Emily,

    What a wonderful setting up of the story of Today. :)

    Our snow is still melting. It snow about 1/4 inch last night. We are also looking forward to the snow to melt so we can plant a garden.

    We are collecting sap for maple syrup. Are you too?


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