Friday, March 20, 2020

Day 20

#SOL20 Day 20

Day 20 feels real.

We're really doing this challenge.

There really is a panic out there.

Real people use the toilet and need toilet paper.

Day 20 feels difficult.

This challenge is difficult.

I'm having a difficult time with the panic part.

Finding toilet paper to purchase is beyond difficult.

Day 20 feels frustrating.

When I procrastinate, my writing frustrates me.

Letting other people's panic affect me is frustrating.

I'm frustrated with the whole toilet paper situation.


  1. Love the repetition in here. And I liked that I could feel how Day 20 was both about this writing challenge and in so many ways about the pandemic too.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Today just hit me wrong.

  2. The repetition reinforces the feeling of panic. It is real. Hang in there.


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