Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Cozy Is Our New Favorite Word

#SOL20 Day 24

This boy knows what he's doing.  "Mom, we can just cuddle for a little while."  We're smashed into the recliner, hip to hip.  We would both be more comfortable if he would sit on my lap, but he's a big boy now, and he wants to sit beside me.  He has no intention of sleeping.  I'm trying my best to get a small nap into him.

"You need to rest everyday just like when you rest at school or at Miss Jodi's," I'm trying a little too hard.  He knows what I'm doing too. 

His sharp little elbow sinks into my thigh as he tries to readjust and get more comfortable.  "Do you want to sit on my lap?"  I'm begging him not to stab me with the elbow again.

"No.  I like this.  This is cozy."  He is sure of everything.  He leans his head to the left to rest against my arm.  His little hand pats my wrist.  I soak it in the best I can.  It certainly feels quite cozy.

So far today these items have been described as cozy: jammies, a blanket, the dog's fur, a pair of my socks, the basket full of laundry, his giant collection of stuffed animals, and me.

At the moment, I am cozy and comfy enough to close my eyes for a bit, encouraging him to follow what I model.  If I happen to nap in the chair with him, I won't complain about it.

After twenty-two seconds, barely three breaths in and out, "Actually, I think I'll lay in my bed," as he jabs his little wing bones into my side trying to dislodge himself from the chair.

He tromps over to the bed where he conveniently finds a tractor and disc and his Paw Patrol pals, five of them.  He uses his knee to climb up and acts as if he might intend to lay down.  I'm doubting what I see though.

"Ok, bud.  I'm going back in my room if you are going to lay in your bed," I explain because that laundry is not going to do itself.  I predict he's going to tell me a new plan about helping with the laundry or watching "just one more video," but he surprises me.

"Can you cover me up with my cozy blanket?" he has six cozy blankets, so I grab what's on the bed railing (his bed is a converted crib for now) and drape him with the cozy fleece.  He smiles.

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  1. I can see I’m his sweet smile and hear all the coziness I your house.
    I love your phrase ‘trying to get a nap into him’ like sleep is something we can wrestle our kids into like a shirt! Enjoy those little wing bones while you can!


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