Saturday, March 21, 2020

Getting Real

#SOL20 Day 21

Day 21 has a different feel.  Yesterday is our last day of Spring Break.  Monday will begin our COVID-19 closure.  Today has included a marathon of texts, a smattering of emails, a kitchen tile grout session, and a trip to the grocery store.  Up until now, I have been happily quarantined with my family, camping and being outside, but limiting all contact with people.  Today, I ventured into the world.

We still have eight rolls of toilet paper and plenty of beef, but we live on produce, and besides some wrinkly apples that need to become sauce, we were out.  To Aldi (grocery store) I go.

First of all, the parking spots were taken with maybe ten open.  I have never seen so many cars in the lot, and this is the only grocery store I go to.  I did manage to get a cart from a fellow shopper who had finished with it.  She made eye contact, but didn't return my smile.  We don't live in the friendliest place, so I didn't think too much of it.

Inside the store, the initial shelves were in a normal state.  Then, the bread crates were vacant.  Good thing we weren't needing bread.  Which makes me think I should probably check on yeast in the case we have to make bread.

The produce seems random.  Lots of blueberries, so I load up on four cartons, some fresh green beans, and both green and red grapes.  However, there are no salad mixes or mixed greens.  Instead, I opt for bags of spinach and some leaf lettuce.  I can't identify what else should be on these empty produce shelves.  I see some packages of sliced mushrooms that have been pushed to the back, so I fish them out and add them to the cart.  People seem normal in this area.

No milk.  No eggs.  This is one time I am grateful for our stupid chickens.

No paper towels.  No toilet paper.  No tissues. 

We aren't to "desperate times" or anything like that in the paper products situation, but I was thinking this toilet paper craze would be over.  It does make me rethink my laissez-faire attitude about the whole thing.  Thankfully, I live in a house of boys.  However, we will need toilet paper eventually, sooner rather than later, I'm afraid.

The cereal aisle has been hit hard.  That's ok.  We are planning on french toast and sausage this week.  It is a little unsettling though.

I grab some juice to help break up the "drink water, it's free" Mom mantra. 

As I turn the last corner to the frozen section, I cannot believe the desolation.  I keep being surprised by the state of things, knowing that we are living in some crazy times.  After getting myself together, I grab some frozen mango and berry mixes.  I get ice cream, I think, to comfort myself, then turn toward the checkout.

The real world was too much for me today.  I'm really cracking down on our paper conservation now.  I don't want to have to repeat today for a very long time...or ever.


  1. it really is crazy- my store was out of chicken and beef- I couldn't believe it. and sweet potatoes! I've got plenty of canned things to last a few weeks, but I, too, like fresh fruits and veggies usually. This has all been a big bummer. We will get through!

    1. It's just weird. And now I feel guilty for going out at all. It shouldn't be so hard to follow rules. (I'm preaching to myself.) Eat the stuff you don't like that's at your house! (Again, to me.) Thanks for reading!

  2. It's an unsettling feeling. We are not at that desperate point yet either with paper, cleaning, or even food. But what about when we are? I am hoping things re-establish themselves until then, I'll try to conserve what we have and be happy in that.

    1. Good job, you! Contentment seems impossible, and I am most often in a content state! I think that's the most unsettling! Thanks for reading!

  3. Emily,

    It is really crazy.

    We are trying to not contribute to the nuttiness and hoard. Is it wise move? I don't know. But it is the way we are rolling and hoping for the best.


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