Thursday, March 23, 2017

A song inspired slice 23/31 #SOL17

The setting of Sam Hunt's song, "Speakers", always makes me think of storms that I've enjoyed in the past.  The word choice is so exact that I can put myself right there in the song.  I just love good song writing.

"The moonlight's tracing those tree tops across your face
There's a feeling in your eyes the shadows can't erase
The cool wind around us is breezing around us
Following my fingers through your hair
The engine is idling and girl this heat lightning is flashing
Pictures of you and burning them in my head"

Those lyrics inspired these thoughts.

The lightning flashes, blindingly bright, burning the image of an empty landscape in my mind.  It's the vacant scene of a play, void of characters and lacking action.

One, one thousand; two, one thousand; three, one thousand; counting the seconds, the miles until the storm, waiting for the thunder.  It comes on strong, shaking the room and rattling the glass in the windows. 

The initial crack and the following crash and rumble, like company in the dark. I smile at the storm. It's so familiar, just as it was in the past, sitting in a different window, following the same routine.  It's a mystery repeated in a different time and a different place.

Will it get too bad?  Has it done any damage?  How can it be so beautiful, and yet, so potentially terrible?  The sounds and smell and sight of it, soothing and electrifying.


  1. I love your use of imagery here! Especially the smell of a storm - it's usually such a forgotten sense.

  2. I love storms. Your description was brilliant! I agree with you at the end...storms always come with worry here in the heartland.

  3. I love the alliteration in your last line and then--electrifying--the break in the pattern. Very crafty!


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