Friday, March 17, 2017

Home Alone 17/31 #SOL17

So, in a quick turn of events, I find myself at home...alone.  It is weird.  Where is everyone?

Todd has the three youngest at his mom's and the farm house.  He has some property to look at with a friend and a bull dozer guy.  Plus, he took his new deer blind up.  He looked like a spoiled boy pulling out of the driveway.

My oldest is on a spur of the moment camp out.  He has been prepping for this for a week, maybe a couple.  They were waiting for the weather to cooperate, which has been very un-cooperative.  He and a friend, equipped with much survival gear (and their phones) have pitched a tent on the river.

It is sure to be a memory maker of a night for everyone.  But, for me, what am I to do?  I long for time to myself, and now that I have it, I have no idea what to do with myself.

It's quiet, but I don't feel like napping.  I could go out, but it's the Friday night of spring break and everyone from school just wants to relax (at home).  I could catch up on Facebook and then be exceptionally unhappy with myself for wasting all that time.  I could read, would be if I was into a book right now.

The dog is barking, finally someone who needs me.  I do have to do chores with no boys here to do them.  I might watch some TV.  The remote is never in my control.  It looks like a night of rom-coms or tear jerkers.  I haven't enjoyed any chick flicks for quite a while.

Check back with me tomorrow.  I'll probably be right here, with nothing to show for my treasured time to myself, just sitting and doing nothing.  Oh, the joys of nothing.

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  1. Enjoy your evening of nothing!!! I always love those days, even if I, too never know what to do with them!


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