Wednesday, March 8, 2017

God has such a sense of humor...8/31 #SOL17

A couple of weeks ago...

If I had the athletic ability to perform those ballerina jumps where she gracefully leaps from point A to point B, looking as if celebrating with her body, I would so do that!

Turbo Tax and I have completed our return for the year 2016.  We bought and sold tractors, which had me the most nervous this year.  The scariest bits of the button pushing is done.  All I have left to do is enter a couple of numbers for this state return.

Because of recent increases in tax fraud, they have added some increased security.  That's good.  One of my closest friends had an issue with someone else filing taxes in her name last year.  What a nightmare!  I keep thinking I just want to be done with this chore, but I really just want it to be done and done right.

"I need your license number," I call into the living room where my husband is hanging out with the boys.  We shuffle around, find his wallet on the counter, input his information.  It's so close to completion, the celebrating starting in my brain has spread to my grinning face.

Now, I need my license.  I send one of the boys to the suburban to fetch my wallet, and I fish the card out of the tight pocket.  "Issue date," the caption indicates what is needed.  Hmm, no issue date on my license.  I click the help button, and a box pops up.  The help box tells me that my permit may not have an issue date or an expiration date, but to just input whatever information is there. Well, that was somewhat helpful.

Skipping the issuance date entry, my fingers hover over the keys, ready to finish this project.  "Expiration date," it says.  Oh, crap.  "Oh, man!  I am in serious trouble!!" I yell to anyone listening.  No one responds.  "Todd, my license is expired!!" still yelling.

He walks into the dining room, his eyes roaming the table covered in paperwork and piles.  "What did you say?" he asks with a look like I need to calm down.

"My driver's license expired on my birthday (September 1st).  I am in big trouble," I lament, thinking how I just tumbled from the top of the world.  Unbelievable!  I am such an idiot.

Just as I am commemorating how on top of it I am in life, the threat of a driving test and driving knowledge book test is suddenly looming.  I completely failed parallel parking the first time!  And that was just between some orange cones, not even real cars!!  I am freaking out.

I grab my phone and choose the search engine to see how much of a penalty I'll owe, and what other criteria I'll have to fulfill.  There is a monetary penalty of $10.  Huh...not bad.  If expired by more than six months, the driver must retest for driving knowledge and driving skills.

I start to tick off the months on my fingers.  I HAVE FOUR DAYS!!!  YAY!!!!

So it becomes a little anti-climatic, but I am glad that there are no tests hanging over my future.


  1. Wow! Four days??? I'd be freaking out too. And you pulled me right in. I have a smidge of anxiety in your honor right now. I hope you were able to renew right on the spot online! Great slice.

    1. I had to forge my way to the license bureau with many others, shuffling feet along, talking in murmurs, hoping to have all the proper documentation. My picture is awful, even more than usual. She said, "Don't move until the flash goes off." So, I wait, smiling, but not too much. Waiting and smiling, wondering and waiting for the flash. I see the camera shutter twist shut and open again, but no flash. I quickly glance to the left, looking at the lady behind the counter. She's doing paperwork. I look back to the camera, is it going to...FLASH! That's nice. I gave the big eyes for my license picture. I deserve it for being so very expired and not having to retest. It's my penance.

  2. Parallel parking is DEFINITELY stressful! I let my license expire this year, as well. Your small moment story of discovering it is way funnier than mine :-)


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