Friday, March 3, 2017

Weirdness 3/31 #SOL17

Today was a weird day.

There are many pieces of the day that I could tell you about to illustrate it strangeness.  First, I only had four cups worth of coffee in the jar when we always drink a full pot, so I supplemented with decaf.  It still tasted good.

Then, my husband took the middle boys for Donuts with Dad Friday, a good thing that just changes my morning schedule a little.  No biggie.

As I parked the truck and headed into school, I noticed that bite that the wind brought and wished I'd have grabbed a jacket.  When I got into my room, I remembered that my lunch, just a salad, was still in the fridge at home.  Oh well, cafeteria pizza for me, I guess.

The big moment was the all-call, "Mrs. Culbertson please call the office.  Mrs. Culbertson, if you are in the building, please call the office."  I wonder why they didn't just call my room.  That's weird, I thought.

I dialed the office and my principal immediately answered, "Please don't hate me, but I'm two certified teachers short.  This new sub system still has a couple of kinks.  How do you feel about filling a classroom spot today?"  Sure, sounds fun.

I was in a kindergarten classroom today with many unique little personalities.  My rusty management skills had to be brushed up in an instant.  I'm sure that many small moments occurred during the day that I could recount for your amusement, but I was too busy to soak any of them into my memory.  Did I mention it was "If I Ran the Zoo" day, when every student is encouraged to bring a stuffed animal?  Yeah, not my favorite way to have little people practice self-control.

So, if you are keeping score: I am running on decaf, I have no jacket (and it is my duty day), I didn't bring a lunch, it's stuffed animal day, and I am subbing in a K classroom.  I'm not sure I'm winning at today.

I really could have used the caffeine.  But, we did Dr. Seuss related activities, which was something new for me because teaching 3rd grade didn't have many of those themed opportunities.  We examined the word "yelp" and did a lot of rhyming.  I got to read books to kids, got everyone fed, and got them back home to their families.  Seems like a success.

So my slice is not a small moment, it is the opposite.  It starts with me getting up in the morning and will end with me now sitting in my bed writing my post.  I did not live a writerly life today, because I know that there are stories to tell from all this weirdness, but I can't seem to recall them with much detail.

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