Tuesday, March 7, 2017

When you start on a high note 7/31 #SOL17

I sat down in a huff.  Feeling like everything was getting ready to explode, I blew my hair out of my face and sighed.

The day had started off terrifically with a perfect cup of coffee.  It didn't seem that this delicious omen would fulfill it's prophecy of greatness to come.

The boys and I had gotten ourselves together and left the house in decent time.  The stop at the babysitter's didn't seem to take longer than normal, but at some point in the morning, time had passed us by, and we were now running late.

Practically power sliding into the space at school, we jump out of the Suburban, slamming doors and slinging bags, and head inside.  The boys find their way to the cafeteria tables and join their friends, while I head up the steps and down the hallway to my room.

Where are my keys?  This bag is ridiculous.  Mary Poppins has nothing on me when it comes to bag contents.  One day, I hope to win it big in a bag/purse scavenger hunt.  Today is not that day and all I'm hunting are the keys to my room.

Finally, after what feels like 10 minutes, and long after I have given up on scrounging and instead started to empty the bag, I find my lanyard with ID and keys attached.

I sit in the chair, huffing and puffing, and think, "This will get better.  I think I need more coffee."


  1. I could feel the energy of this piece pick up when you realized you were running late. Nicely done.

    Coffee fuels me first thing, but then I devote the rest of the day to tea. It makes me feel serene.

  2. Yes, this does a great job recreating that intense feeling of rushing, rushing, rushing and things starting to fall apart around you.

  3. It's funny how the same exact minutes can both slow down and speed up. I agree with Adrienne, your writing captures the pace perfectly, from huff to puff.


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