Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Bath Time Reading

"What do the words say?" he asks as we turn the page.  On pages he remembers, he reads.  On pages he doesn't remember, he asks for help (to remember).

"Good work, Dinotrux!" he recalls and reads aloud.  "Thanks for sitting with me, Mom."  It's bath time reading.  Soon we'll move on with our night towards bedtime reading where we will most likely read...you guessed it, Dinotrux by Chris Gall.  It's the new favorite in a long list.  The most recent new favorites include Stanley the Builder and Stanley's Garage.  We discovered those when we found Book Fair books in a bag that had never been opened, shoved in a brother's closet.  What a treasure!

Sometimes we read all through the bath time, but tonight he's happy for a once through.  He makes his own fun, talking to himself and sometimes to me, filling a bottle and dumping it, and complaining about how he doesn't like to wash his hair.  There's water puddling a bit on the floor, spots soaking into my pant leg, and small waves dripping off the shower curtain.  It's a wonder this bathroom doesn't fall through to the floor below.

Now, he's making up stories.  This is new.  The imagination is entertaining.  I don't know when the truth talk should happen and when to just let him go.  "When I walk to Jodi's (the sitter that lives five miles away), I fall down in the snow.  And then I cry, WHAAA!!!  WHAAAAAA!!"  Then he continues in gibberish that I don't understand.  Apparently the story is so dramatic, he doesn't have words for it all.

There's a conversation with the frog on the shower wall.  "I know who Mr. Crab is.  He likes to swim."  More water is being poured over the frog and into the frog and beside the frog.  "Let's hear some music!"

Time to rinse and get out, pick up toys, drain and dry.  Off we go to read some more, say prayers, and off to sleep.

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  1. I wish for bath time like this! If the boys get the luxury of a bath, I often regret it through wet rugs or some erupting fight, as someone is taking too long or said something to the other. But I do remember how fun little boys' bath time can be.


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