Friday, March 29, 2019

The Friday Feels

I hit the panic bar on the exterior door with both hands, making the metallic parts slam together and clang.  Smiling as the partial sun meets my eyes, J is telling me about his day and something funny.  We both take a deep breath of spring air and head down the concrete stairs to the parking lot.  I've parked in the row closest to the sidewalk today.  We open our doors and climb into the Suburban.

We're inching closer to the freedom of the weekend with the feeling of a Friday afternoon floating around us.  This morning it was foggy, but after the on and off rain of the day, it has turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon.

I turn the keys in the ignition and start the engine.  A colleague and her girls walk in front of the car, and I roll down the window to talk to them.  I ask about weekend plans, and we talk about housework we all need to do.  "Did you girls know you were all matching?  Was that a plan or did you all just happen to put the same shirt on today?" I notice and wonder.

"It was school spirit wear day...Didn't you make the calendar?" my friend asks, confused.

Ha!  Well, I'm a dork.  "Oh, yeah!  Obviously, I forgot.  Thank goodness it's Friday!" is about all I can say for myself, chuckling about my obliviousness.  Then I wave, roll up the window, and back the car out of its spot.

We're all off toward the weekend.  TGIF!


  1. Nothing quite feels like a Friday, and you described it perfectly! I loved your beginning...the "sound" of leaving the building. Great intro!!

  2. That's hilarious that you forgot it was spirit day. I think it speaks to how busy and frazzled we can get by the end of the week. The struggle is real. Happy weekend!


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