Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Day the Vacuum Blew

I love weekends where I can get stuff done.  It starts early with the first of seven loads of laundry.  I usually consume a whole pot of coffee in the morning hours, eat lunch around 11:00 because I forgot about breakfast, strip beds and regret it at naptime, and finally drag myself upstairs after a big dinner.

Today, while I was in the basement, I smelled something hot...kind of like burning.  "What is that smell?" I ask to the general population.  No answer.  "Do you smell something, J?" I decide to direct my questioning if I want an answer.

", stinks!" he answers without looking up from his screen.  He is reclined on the couch after his big afternoon outside.  We are all thankful for the partial sun and warmer temperatures.  Without the strong winds of the last few days, it is very tolerable outside.

"What is it?  Where are your brothers?"  He answers with a shrug of his shoulders, again not taking his eyes off whatever is keeping his attention.  I go back to my vacuuming after picking up the pillows and cushions and blankets that were hanging down and strewn across the floor.

The smell of hot rubber wafts around me. I suddenly realize it's coming from my vacuum!  Shoot!  I power off the machine and turn it over to see if something is stuck or preventing the beater brush from turning.  Nothing.  I pull at a couple of stringy looking things and some hair.  There is nothing that looks like a problem here.  "Weird."

I go back to work, and after a bit more vacuuming, it smells again, so I decide to stop before I tear something up.

 The next day, I work on cleaning all the filters, washing and drying and reassembling.  It's a bunch of work.  I just want the carpet to be clean.  It's not really much to ask.

Today, I try again.  When I step on the red power button, the vacuum is working, but without the beater bar.  My vacuum is dead.

The good new is it is an inexpensive vacuum, and I've had it for over five years.  For what it would cost to fix it, I can get a new one.  I guess that will be tomorrow's adventure.

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  1. Ah yes! The smell of burning motor parts! Perhaps there was even a spark you missed because of the light outside. We've had this happen before with various appliances. Glad the burning wasn't something more sinister!


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