Saturday, March 23, 2019

Perfect Saturday Night

We're always busy.  We've got four boys to run after and run around.  It takes a village and all that.

BUT tonight is a perfect Saturday night.  We are all at home...together.  I've made popcorn.  The sound of it calling to the boys like a siren of good times a 'comin.  We've gathered in the living room, it's smell an aroma of joy clouding around us.

I hand the big, stainless steel bowl to my husband, and he nestles it in between us as I assume my spot next to him.  Everyone waits for what comes next, a movie?  some TV series we've never tried?  an old favorite revisited?  I was secretly hoping for a glass of wine and an early bedtime, but now I'm as into as any of them.

I look around the room at the faces of those I love most, and I'm happy, so very elated that we are here together on this perfect Saturday night.


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