Saturday, March 9, 2019

What's on your dryer?

There are a few places in my house that are, generally, a mess.  The pantry won't stay organized for more than five minutes.  It's about one-third the size it needs to be.  This is my excuse.  The storage area under the stairs in the basement is packed full of totes and boxes.  Whatever crafty bit I did last shows itself in the front of this precarious heap because there is no more room in the Christmas tote or the Valentine's Day box or wherever this project would belong.

This leads me to my slice of the day.  While starting in on my six loads of laundry today, I noticed that I have a quite a collection of crap on top of my dryer.  Usually, I lay my little socks (you know the ones you wear with ballerina flats?) here to dry because, in my mind, the heat of the dryer would be too much for the dainty little things.  But, today, as I move to lay out a few pair, I realize there is no room to spare.  What is all this STUFF?!?

So, I decided this was worthy of a slice.  I think that I may start a new series, to be continued, sporadically, throughout the #SOL19 Challenge and beyond.

Crap On My Dryer

A collection(s) list:

  1. Five pair of ballerina flat socks
  2. a hunk of dryer lint
  3. Six used dryer sheets (it is 10 whole steps to the trash can!!)
  4. a .22 casing
  5. a lego tower
  6. a toothpick
  7. a WHOLE box of matches that went through the wash and lost all their lighting power at the end
  8. a string out of a hoodie
  9. Various hangers
  10. Three pairs of mated socks that belong to no one
  11. a fake moustache, black
  12. a Nerf bullet
  13. a can koozie from my cousin's wedding in 2012
  14. a dime and a corroded penny (nevermind that's laundry detergent, not corrosion)
  15. a black silky bag with a drawstring top that I have never seen before writing this post
  16. a spoon
  17. a tiny pencil
  18. Two laundry detergent samples from Sams
  19. a couple of socks with no mates
  20. Three laundry detergent container lids
  21. Two empty laundry detergent containers and an empty white vinegar jug (because I'm going to recycle those!!)
  22. a self locking nut
  23. a scrap of t-shirt or something
  24. a tiny opally, iridescent button (ooooh, pretty!)
I'm sure you might be thinking that I should be ashamed, and part of me is a bit embarrassed.  However, if I knew you were headed over here to witness this mess for yourself, I would have it cleaned up in a jiffy, and I swear you'd call me a liar in its absence.  I can really get stuff done when I have someone coming over.  :)

Happy Saturday, for whatever discoveries it brings you!!


  1. My first thought is “How big is your dryer?” Quite the ensemble of life sitting there begging you to write more! Clever slice, thanks for sharing.

  2. This slice speaks to me. I am the queen of random crap on the dryer as well. After reading your slice, I did inventory: 3 detergent cups, one quarter, dryer sheet box, too many socks and a pair of scissors. SO FUN!

  3. That is truly an amazing pile of crap you have there! So funny!

  4. Our dryer is a collection place as well - what makes it worse is that it is right next to the entrance we use most. I often find myself stuck standing in front of it staring at the pile, shaking my head, laughing and the randomness of it, and walking away hoping my hubby will take it more seriously and clean it up.

  5. So, I am thinking it is a good thing my dryer is slightly sloped and does not allow for anything to be stacked there. Isn't it amazing the various locations in our homes where crap can pile up!


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