Saturday, March 30, 2019

Since Last March

Usually, I use this community to inspire me, and they always do, inspire.  However, this year, I have found myself not really borrowing formats from anyone.  I'm disappointed in myself on that part of the challenge this year.

So today, I'm changing that!  I love this format that I discovered today at Reflect.Write.Share, and she lists the genealogy of the post all the way back to Fran McVeigh last year.  How fun!  And here goes...

Since last March I’ve been to Oklahoma.
Oklahoma, where my sister moved to live,
Oklahoma, where she has been for 5 years now,
Oklahoma, where the prairie winds blow and there are still buffalo roaming,
Oklahoma, where I like to visit, and the people seem extra friendly.
The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in northern Oklahoma, home to free range bison.  It's worth your time to visit.

Since last March, I’ve turned 39.
39 and I told various people three times in December that I was 38.
39 and in denial, one reason being my mom (in my head) is in her 30s, so how can I be in my 30s?
39 and a mom to four boys and married for almost nineteen years.
39 until September – almost 40!  Where is my life going?
On the trip to Oklahoma this summer, I brought a bunch of tomatoes to work up, three kids, and my mom.  Before I could make it to my sister's house, I added a six-foot-long metal catfish to the mix.  It was from a great shop in Pawhuska, The Bucking Flamingo.

Since last March, I’ve said good-bye.
Good-bye to comparing myself.
Good-bye to social media that leads me to jealousy or self-loathing.
Good-bye to looking outside my circle of control.
Good-bye to unnecessary stress.
This past summer my husband and I vowed to renew our focus on our family.  We spent time together and time with our extended family, as well.  It has been rewarding and refreshing, feeling more like "us" than we have in years.

Since last March, I’ve said hello.
Hello to new co-workers and colleagues.
Hello to new professional structures and expectations.
Hello to still growing and learning as a teacher, leader, coach.
Hello to each day.


  1. I love it! Adorable picture at the end, too. I turn 40 in June so have enjoyed being 39 all year long. The thirties just went so fast. I hope you enjoyed the SOLSC this year!

  2. I really like the format of this post and will most likely use it for my last one tomorrow. What a great way to reflect on the year.

  3. Love it. What great slices of your life to reflect upon and share.

  4. I've seen this used several times. I especially loved reading about your trip to Oklahoma since I was born and grew up there. Yes, the people there are extra friendly. I liked your goodbye stanza, complete with so many healthy decisions. And the pic of the sweetheart in the car seat is adorable!


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