Friday, March 8, 2019

I don't remember why we aren't together anymore

We haven't been together for months.  I know it affects me more.  I can see it in my reflection, every day, staring back at me.

I don't know what happened.  We were getting along so well.  There was a routine, a schedule, spending time together after work almost five days a week.  Then on weekends, we could get together any time of the day, morning, noon, night.  Afterward, I always felt renewed and refreshed, almost relaxed.  Why did I stop?  Is it all my fault?

Sometimes I sit here thinking about our time together.  We were steady (and mostly slowish).  Sometimes I would feel the need to hold onto those arms, always supportive and reliable, unwaveringly so.  I eventually got so comfortable when we were together, I could settle in and read a book, not even noticing the time passing me by.

I hope we can get back together soon.  Maybe when I get home, I'll strap on my new Reeboks.  In some ways, I miss us...


  1. Ha - I was drawn in by your hook - and totally loved the surprise. Very fun piece.

  2. Oh, my had me going! Your avatar led me down one path...only to discover it was really something else. Brilliant. "Hold onto those arms." So awesome.

  3. That's EXACTLY how I feel about my spin bike! I have resigned myself to delaying the reunion until after grad school graduation in December.

  4. Excellent writing! Thanks for a Friday night giggle. The bright side is you haven't started to use it as a clothes rack.


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