Sunday, March 10, 2019

One less hour

So, today technically had one less hour.  I felt it a bit this morning as we rushed around to get out the door. 

But, it's almost 7:00pm, and the little and I just came in from visiting with the neighbors outside.  Granted, I can't feel my toes, and my fingers are using choppy motions to type my slice.  It's only 47 degrees out, but we are so desperate for outside time and warmer weather, that we may have fudged it a bit.  The littles didn't seem to mind at all.

So, today technically had one less hour.  I didn't notice a bit as we stood outside the neighbors backyard watching the littles scoop pebbles into their trucks and dip water out of the water table. (Brr.)


  1. It's good that it happens on a weekend so we notice it less. I am feeling a lot more tired than I should right now though!

  2. Brrr is right. Dipping water, yikes! But what a delight to be outside!

  3. I agree with you in that we didn't notice it in our family as well. I think we fudged too by drinking our morning coffee on the back deck porch with the outdoor heater on - it was so sunny. I love the nickname the little(s)! I wonder if I will notice daylight savings tomorrow... :-)

  4. I tend to notice it most when it's bedtime. I'm an early to bed, early to rise person, so I actually enjoy the dark of winter. I'm pretty talented in the sleep department, so it's not TOO big of a deal, but these longer days do make it a little harder. And I'm officially the only one who doesn't like it and loves the fall change! ;)

  5. I just hope you do not start noticing the spring forward on your drive to work as fatal car crashes spike tomorrow morning on the work commute. And be sure T takes is bp meds because heart attacks also increase this week due to less sleep and increased stress that ensues. But I know I will enjoy the longer days when we are getting the hay in the barn in July! And you are welcome for the very cheerful comment to start your week! =)


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