Friday, March 15, 2019

New Phone Day

It has been a day.  However, there is a small bright spot, shiny and new.

After a missed delivery yesterday, and almost a year of complaining about the malfunctions of my old phone, today, I got my new phone.

I loved the old one...when it was new.  After a defective charging port caused a warranty replacement, the refurb I received was a piece of junk.  It caused me to miss messages and lag on searches.  The phone would restart or shut down with 30% battery (its newest trick).

"Please get a new phone," my husband would say.  I just didn't want to spend the money.  Why do they cost so stinking much?

"I guess it's a handheld pocket computer," my colleague says.  They are stupid expensive, I say.

Now, the challenge is to activate the new one.   I think I'll ask my teenage son to check my plan as I go.  Then over to Amazon to get a case and screen protectors.  I'm ending on a high note here.


  1. Yep, get your son to get it up and running for you! They can always do it way better than we can!

  2. New phones are a PAIN. Every time I feel like I know how to use one, it's time to get a new one. (Okay, it takes me a while!) Good luck this weekend getting it all up and running!

  3. Yea! Glad you took the leap, although I agree....ridiculously expensive!! Have a fun weekend getting it all set up! :)

  4. Good luck with the new phone! I agree- they're so expensive.

  5. Does this mean you can actually get photos and not weeks later? And our group text will work? I know you can't see it, but I bet you can feel my happy dance!


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