Monday, March 18, 2019

I Was Going To

It's the first day of spring break.  There is a long list of those items I've been saving for a day when I have time.  Spring cleaning, one might say.  Today was the day to get started on that list.

I was going to clean my room, putting away most of my sweaters and other winter items, but instead I cut a hole in a fleece remnant I bought in Oklahoma and made myself a poncho.

I was going to mate the basket of single socks, but instead I cleaned out the laundry closet, dusting and vacuuming and making it sparkle.

I was going to get organized, make some lists for our plans this week, but instead I took my two youngest to the dentist (I had forgotten about the appointment).  It was a success.

I was going to clean out the fridge and just eat a salad for both lunch and diner, but instead I found the roast I'd thawed this weekend, so we had sirloin tip for lunch and pork ribs from the smoker for supper.  The lettuce that I don't want to waste still sits in the fridge.

I was going to get some fresh air and maybe some sun on these legs, but instead I had a fabulous time vacuuming the whole house with my brand new vacuum (see recent post about old vacuum going ka-put).  We are a dirty nasty bunch.  Sometimes I think I should stick with bagged vacuums so I don't have to witness all our dirt and hair and goo.

I was going to push the veggies and the fruit to the boys, but instead we ate mostly meat and cheese today.

I was going to work toward that ten pounds I'm planning to lose before my sister's wedding, but instead I found some Dove chocolates in my nightstand drawer and ate two, a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate.  They were delicious.

I was going to have my post written early today, thinking of all the fun my day was holding, but instead I kept finding other things to do.  Like this whole list of my day.


  1. Your day was productive even if you didn't get everything done that you were "going to do." I loved the mating of the socks! Ha! So true. My spring break is this week too. Shopping today and cleaning tomorrow! Enjoy your week.

  2. It sounds like a successful day! Enjoy your Spring Break.

  3. Sounds like your day turned out rather productive and fine, in many ways! Love the format and repetition you use as a writer: "I was going to... but instead..." Thanks!


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