Thursday, March 29, 2018

In the Quiet

The whir of the heater fan and blustery gusts of wind are all I hear.  G is napping in the back bedroom.  I wish for sleep, as he had us up at 5:00 this morning.  Now, the slurpy kissing noise of his pacifier.  I hope he's sleeping.

The big boys and Todd are busy off at the farm on some adventure or another.  I overheard a bit of one plan to"explore the old junk pile" earlier today.  It has antiquated vehicles and farm equipment from the 40s and 50s buried in a ditch.  The make-your-own landfill of the past.  It holds treasures and excitement for the kids.  It's impossible to predict what priceless wonders they'll come toting back.

The skid steer is stuck, so Todd will be back soon with the tractor.  Three inches of rain in three days doesn't help get outside work done.  The tracks on the skid steer are pretty much useless in the mud.  I don't fully understand the design there.  To me, tracks are for traction, but not in this case.  The mud cakes on and the machine sinks, it makes no sense.

You might be thinking, "use the tractor".  And you would be right, except we're taking out locust trees that are heavily armed with thorns, some over 4" long.  Nasty plants, I don't know what they are good for.  They are gnarly and mean.

A deep breath and some movement from the back room.  I better check on the boy and get going with something productive.  Either that, or sleep.


  1. That "landfill" sounds like a kid's dream! Hope you were able to get some sleep - it's productive!

  2. Locust trees. Ugh. Mom and Dad's place had one get hit by lightning a couple of years ago. It was such a pain to cut up the rest of the way. They are nasty and what are they good for?


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