Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Spring Break

Oh, Spring Break!

Why are you such a let down?

I know, it's only Tuesday, but my frustration with you has compiled, and now, it's time you hear about it!

Year after year, I build you up in my mind, making grand plans and heaping up hopes.  Then the reality of you comes crashing in, a wave of disappointment.

It's always the same, and I start out with dreams of sleeping in and extra large pots of coffee enjoyed on never ending mornings.  After that, we are super productive and also relax and loaf the whole break.  Spring Break, you will be heaven.

That's not reality, you say?  I'm bound for disappointment, you think?  Well, I think Spring Break should be wonderful.  You are a time when we can all find peace, harmony, and enjoy the outdoors in spring's newness, fresh from the winter funk.

We should go fishing, stay at the farm house and play in the sunshine.  Then it rains and the mud is everywhere and it's too cold for fun in the wet.  Couldn't you have one good day in there? 

We could camp, taking walks and making smores by the campfire.  Then it's a high of 42 degrees and the windchill is near freezing and we have to get the space heater out from under the bed because we don't want to run out of propane and be miserable the rest of the week.  What do you have against springtime camping?

We might stay at home and get loads of landscaping updated to really spruce this place up for summer.  It will look like a million bucks!  Then the skid steer we rented keeps losing its track and the bucket is warped, so it doesn't actually smooth anything out.  The weather is, once again, raining AND cold.  What is the DEAL with you?

Shouldn't you feel at least a bit springlike?  I mean, I realize it isn't summer, but is 60 degrees too much to ask of you?  It doesn't seem like it.  What happened to shedding the winter goo and all the clothes that go with it?!?

Why do you treat us to warm breezes and bright sunshine when we are stuck inside at school?  Can't you just save up a couple of those days especially for break when we are free to enjoy them to their fullest?

The best you can do is send me to Hawaii for break, now that was wonderful!  But I can't afford that (probably ever again).  Oh, Spring Break, I may make you into an expletive.

So, come on.  Get with it, Spring Break.  Send us some sun and lay off the rain.  You can do that next week.


  1. Oh no! I hope your Spring Break gets a little better. The good news is it's only Tuesday- you have plenty of time! :)

  2. I wrote a similar slice on the second day of spring. Spring is a letdown! The weather is never spring-like at all. Hopefully your break week shapes up.

  3. Even when the weather cooperates, our expectations tend to outweigh reality, right?! I sure hope you get some sun and warm, if only to be lazy outside a little bit.


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