Friday, March 9, 2018

The Not-So-Quiet of the Day

It's some time after lunch.  I'm guessing it's a bit after one.  Time in my room is just what I needed, so here I am, with about six things on the To-Do list.  Granted, the six things on the list are the only ones I could remember when I was making the list.  I'm sure there are about 600 others that I don't have written down.

The classroom doors are propped open with a magnet lodged in the frame.  From the hallway come rumblings, snippets of voices in story.  I need to get busy.  There's loads to do!

In the room next to me, the speakers of the library are blaring.  It's like an oxymoron, a noisy library.  The wall is not soundproof, not by any degree of the word.  However, it's the grid ceiling with a mesh tile directly above my head, that's the real problem.  The speaker, advertising the upcoming book fair, is mounted in the middle of a ceiling tile about ten feet to the south of this mesh tile.  I'm guessing for all the decibels pumped into the library, there are equally as many bouncing around between the metal roof and that mesh tile above my head.  It will be a miracle if I accomplish anything in this bit of time I have.

Suddenly, there is an outburst in the hallway.  Someone is having a hard time.  There are a few subs in the classrooms around me.  I better check on that.  I lead the student out to walk the hall.  I needed to get some papers off of the printer anyway.

Back in my room, ready to work, I sit and twist in my chair toward the keyboard.  With the printed pages, I cross off the third item on my to-do list.

How productive were you today?


  1. You describe a lot when not very much happens -- which helps me see how I can do better at that. As for my day? Very productive: I did all five things on my to-do list before breakfast, ate lunch for breakfast, did my stretches and exercises, went to the gym. Moderated a workshop on political conditions in Poland and feminist responses to them, then went to dinner with the speaker, her friend, and two other workshop participants. Then wrote my slice. Fun, and productive.

    1. Wowza, lady! You are takin' care of business! I'm sure it feels good to get stuff done and have fun to boot! Thanks for your kind words and for your response.

    2. Busy busy! I am a horrible stay-on-tasker because I am distracted by everything and then can't remember what I was just doing.

      I use a strategy where I list my to-do's with time amounts, prioritize, and set a digital timer for myself while blocking emails. It's extremely successful for me!


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