Sunday, March 25, 2018

What It Sounds Like When You're Stuck

As the scene opens, we find the Culbertsons beginning their spring break fun on the family farm.  They are staying in the camper, while the oldest and a couple pals are sleeping in the bunk house (shed).  Everyone is living the dream.

The family (minus the oldest and pals) are riding around the farm looking for shed antlers and wildlife.  They are in the farm Geo Tracker (it's not much of a vehicle).

Todd: Look for deer, boys.  Keep your eyes peeled for sheds.

Emily: Uh-huh.

Todd: Look, ducks on the pond.  Are they wood ducks?

Emily: No idea, my distance vision is terrible.  I'm the last person to ask.  Boys?

The three young Culbertsons mutter affirmation and throw in some guesses, naming random species of ducks.

Todd: Some of them are mallards.  That one is definitely a wood duck.  Watch them take off the water as we drive by.

Emily: Oh, look, boys!!  Wow!  They took right off!

Todd: Ten bucks for any shed you find.   That pond is full.  Whew, it's really wet over here.

Emily: Whoa.  That pond looks the best I've ever seen it.  I'm glad you burned all this. 

Emily: ANTLER!

Boys in the back: Antler, antler!

One boy tries to race Emily to the shed antler, but she had a head start.  The antler has one tine buried in the mud, and the other tines are shadowed with black from the grass burning around it.  It's underside is shiny, bone white.  Emily pries it out of the mud and holds it high in the air, signaling her victory.

Emily: Sorry, boys.  I saw it first.

Todd: Yay, Mommy.  Good eyes.

Emily (looking back out the passenger window): Just look for the unusually white to stand out against the background.

Todd: Man, it is wet.  I'm already in 4 wheel drive.

Emily: I know.  We'll be fine.

Todd: Uh-oh.  (As the motor revs and the tires spin) 

Emily: Thorn tree.  Um, and now another one. (The locust thorns screech against the paint of the passenger side of the car door as it struggles to continue forward.)

Todd: Uh, we're not going anywhere.  These tires are worthless.

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  1. An interesting script...and the ending makes me want to find out if you ever got unstuck!


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