Sunday, March 4, 2018

Recipe for a Sunday

So, today finds me in the kitchen.

Ha!  I hear you chuckling back there.  Yes, being the mom of four boys means you can always find me in the kitchen.  Today is special because I wasn't just "doing my thing" absentmindedly.  I was paying attention.  I was looking and listening, alert to any slice that might fall in my lap while I wipe the counters, empty the dishwasher, and refill the dishwasher.  This is my everyday, but today it's special.

Today, I want cookies.  Chocolate chip made with coconut oil, that's going to hit the spot.  Or I just bought some more rolled oats, so oatmeal raisin cookies have been a long time coming.  Better yet, I'll make both!  I think I can justify the oatmeal as a breakfast food.

There's no sugar.  Rats!  What happened to the sugar?  Did I use it all?  I sure don't remember that I did.  Sweet tea in the fridge means I have been using it...I guess it didn't register that we were out.  Put it on the list.

Now what to do...

Cupcakes, they will have to be my consolation prize.  I have carrot cake mix with the raisins in it.  It's my favorite.  I know, I'm 89 years old.

Since I have a cake mix, it only requires a couple of other ingredients, oil, water, eggs.  Easy.

Now for one of the best culinary concoctions ever, cream cheese frosting!!  I have cream cheese, butter, and I have powdered sugar, miracle!  It surprises me that I don't consult my numerous cookbooks or my recipe box throughout this whole endeavor.  I did use Google to find the Betty Crocker cream cheese frosting recipe.  I'm kind of disappointed in myself with this, but thoughts for another day.

It's not too sweet and has the tang of the cream cheese.  Isn't it beautiful?

I might have eaten two, before lunch.

I hope your Sunday is full of treats!


  1. I too find myself lacking ingredients when I'm in the kitchen. You were much more flexible than I am! Those cupcakes with cream cheese icing look delectable!

    1. Thanks, it reminded me of Gravity Goldberg saying teachers are improv masters. I guess I'm pretty good with the improv in the kitchen too. (I am still craving the cookies!)

  2. That cupcake looks yummy! I'm betting they didn't last long if you have a few boys hanging around. You were smart to eat up 2 while you could!

    1. My boys eat most food within the day...even these 24 cupcakes. I saw my teenager eating a couple for breakfast this morning!

  3. YUM! Even though you really wanted cookies, you figured out something delicious with the ingredients you had. YUM!!!


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