Saturday, March 10, 2018

Naptime Slice

It's naptime.

The middle boys, baby, and I have eaten a mid-morning meal, participated/spectated the last Upward basketball game for the season, and eaten again, this time mid-afternoon.  It was fast food and not very tasty.

Now, it's naptime.

The middle boys are downstairs watching some show that I hope isn't decreasing their IQ or leading to bad character.  The sounds of voices and music, with a few little bits of hysterics, carry up the stairs.

The baby is napping.

Here I sit on the couch, my feet propped up on the reclining footrest.  The curtains are open to a partly cloudy day with the sun seeming to put in good effort in shining.  Outside, the grass is starting to evolve from brown to green, somewhere in the middle of that transformation.

I am grateful it's naptime.

The upstairs is quiet.  The letters of the keyboard being punched and my watch scratching across the wrist rest of the computer are the only immediate sounds.  If I listen (and ignore that ridiculous TV noise), I can hear my windchimes on the front porch, lightly ting-tong, ting-tong-tonging, just ever so slightly with long space of silence between.

Oh, naptime.

I am thinking about my slice and what part of my day I want to write about.  It's just a Saturday, like so many others.  If I sit here thinking much longer, I'm going to get tired...sleepy.  Yawn...

It's naptime.


  1. I totally took a nap today! I love hearing and reading about Mamas who rest when their kids do. I think it's so important to rest. Thanks for sharing your slice!

  2. This has a great mood and rhythm, like breathing. It fits the themes, naptime and slicing. You're taking in the day (inhale), then typing out the words (exhale). If only it were always that natural a process, right?

  3. I could feel you getting sleepier and sleepier as you continued through your afternoon! On a day like that, with the sun trying hard to make a difference who wouldn't want to nap? I'm jealous that you can see your grass - we are still battling snow!


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