Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Youngest Boy Wants To Be a Writer

So far, each afternoon/evening/night as I sit down at home to write for the challenge, here comes the youngest boy.  My little man is two years and three months old.  He is growing and changing WAY too fast.

He heaves himself onto the couch, first pressing his elbows into the seat cushion, then edging his left knee up, up until he can haul up the rest of his body.  He climbs onto my right side, knee, shoulder, whatever he can hang onto to get some leverage toward the keyboard.

"Whatcha doing, buddy?" I will usually ask.  As I try to save anything I might have been working on or opened.  He is a master at hitting the perfectly wrong button and ruining work, be it school work or personal stuff.  I made sure to keep him away from the computer while I was working on taxes!

"S," he says, pointing to the S key.  The first time he did this, (probably a few weeks ago) I was floored.

Now, I will say, "Yep, that's S.  What other letters do you see?"  He loves this game.  I think he knows about a dozen letters.  This amazes me because I have too many kindergarten kids that don't come to school knowing any letters.

We don't work on learning letter names.  We read books, including ABC books.  I guess he is picking it up from that.  He watches some little kid TV at the sitter during the day.  That exposure, in addition to the conversations that those littles have together, could be a bigger part of his letter name knowledge.

I like that my boys see me writing.  I love that watching me might encourage them to do the same.  This challenge is the best kind of challenge, making us all better.  The ripple effects may not end for generations, and that is exciting.


  1. How sweet! I love your title - and that your little guy wants to be a writer like Mommy. I don't ever remember seeing my parents write - read, sure, but not often write. I wonder if my thoughts about writing would be different. In any case, your little guy will be ready to share his stories through writing in no time!

  2. You're such a great role model for your kids! I hadn't thought about the ripple effects outside of the classroom, but you're so right! Thanks!


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