Friday, March 16, 2018

Who Wants to Play a Game?

The reason I am including this story is to justify the ridiculousness that is my "purse".  I carry a Retro Metro tote from 31.  It can probably hold fifty pounds of stuff if I tried...I've likely exceeded that on occasion.  I was inspired to writer this post after reading "It's Amazing What You Can Find In a Backpack" at Teaching From the Left.  Accordingly, the contents of aforementioned tote will be disclosed below.

For years I've dreamed of winning a purse scavenger hunt.

When I was probably between 6 and 8 years old, my grandma won some-something by having a 1972 nickel in her wallet.  We were at the community fair, Old Settlers, and the emcee was calling for random items that ladies in the audience were digging around for in their purses.  I remember it was so exciting, seeing if Gram could pluck the desired bit of everyday out of her collection of necessities she kept in her purse.

When the man called for the 1972 nickel, I was on it!  Gram handed me a little pile of change and I scrutinized each one looking for the correct digits.  We had already been too slow with the thimble and a bandaid.  "Here's one, Emily.  Run it up there," she said it like we weren't winning the the grandest prize of grand prizes, which I knew we were.  I took off like a streak, sandles pounding into the grass lawn where we sat.  The benches of people created a maze.  I didn't want someone else to get there first!!  RUN!

At last, I was there, on the stage, holding the nickel high with my right hand.  The emcee looked and confirmed that I (and Gram) had won!  Who-Hoo!!

I wish I knew what we won.  I don't remember.  Gram doesn't remember either.  She didn't even remember the scavenger hunt game when I asked about it.  Oh, well.  It was good times.

So, back to my bag.  It needed to be lightened.  It probably needs to be emptied and washed, but I'm not feeling quite that crazy today.

The contents of my bag include:

  • A Camelbak sippy cup
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A sleep mask
  • Various envelopes 
  • Sunglasses case, empty
  • 2 diapers
  • Two self-contained reusable shopping bags
  • Coupon collector
  • Two gloves
  • A mitten no mate
  • Coin purse
  • Caramel almond and sea salt Kind bar
  • Wallet
  • Mascara
  • 6 pens
  • Multitude of coins
  • Koozie cup new line 
  • Chick-fil-A table topics
  • Caramel apple sucker
  • 16 receipts 
  • Lemonhead mini pop
  • More hand sanitizer 
  • Key fob minus the keys
  • A few feminine products
  • 2 hair ties
  • A broken candy cane
  • A Leatherman Micra 
  • Two packs of gum
  • A tiny tractor
  • Set of earbuds
  • And one tube of hand lotion
It is actually cleaner than I anticipated.  I must have done a New Year's dump and sort session or something.  I fully expected to find more food and some various junk, likely Legos...hmm, it is strange...not one Lego.

So, if we were playing a purse scavenger hunt game, how would you fare?  Let me know the randomness of your bags.  Oh, my school bag, now that could be an ADVENTURE!


  1. I think this is quite an amazing game to imagine. I want to play! I have some random things here and there but I am much more tidy than I was when my kids were small. My contents would have been more like yours. Instead, it is pens, notebook, wallet, keys, lotion, three lip balms, mints, receipts, and probably more pens with some change sprinkled in. I am imagining the teacher bag hunt like a fun PD transition game. That would be hilarious.

    1. I did attend a wedding shower once, and the girls that were hosting played a game like this with points attached to the items. The more rare and random an item (scissors), the more points it was worth. It was so funny to watch. Unfortunately, I had left my bag at home and just brought my wristlet. :(
      One day though, one day.

  2. This is hilarious! I just cleaned my purse out last week (sort of) and was astonished at how much trash had accumulated! Granted, it was a lot of old receipts, but still.... I once cleaned out my purse and found a serrated kitchen knife in the bottom. No clue why I'd been carrying it with me and awfully glad I hadn't gone through any security with it!


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