Saturday, March 24, 2018

Wake Up!

What time is it?  What happened?  My heart is beating a mile a minute, hard and fast in my chest.  My breathing is shallow, quick in and out.  Is someone in here?

It's still dark. Something made me jump from my sleep in an instant. My legs and arms literally flying up off the mattress.  Sitting up in a panic, my mind is racing as fast as my heart.  Am I late?  What time is it?  Finally, I speak out loud, "Todd, are you up?"  There's no answer from beside me, just the noises that come from a sleeping man.

What time is it?  I look to the clock, 1:06.  Why does it feel like I've had a whole night's sleep?  I swear I'm late getting up.  Weird.  I try to take a deep breath and relax.  It doesn't have the effect I'm hoping for.  I try again and lay back into my pillow.

I'm wondering about what made me wake up in such a hurry, and how I can be freaked out without even the slightest evidence to the cause.

As my mind begins to follow a wondering path down the rabbit whole, a bit of me is stuck on the cause of my sudden lurch from sleep.  I guess I'll ask Todd about it tomorrow.


  1. That has happened to me. I usually jump up thinking I missed something or I am late, realizing it is a Saturday, not a school day. Hopefully you can get a complete night's sleep tonight.

  2. Hopefully you rested today! I hate it when that happens. It happens when I'm at my mom and dad's, and I'm not sure why. Here's to a full night's sleep tonight!

  3. Carol,

    Hopefully you get enough sleep after waking up early early morning.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



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