Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The meeting blues...

Last week's meeting
     starts before my normal time
     continues past its scheduled ending
     talking in circles

Today's early morning meeting
     I'm going to stay quiet this month
     I've been directly addressed
     I reply, speaking from experience

Today's impromptu meeting
     be open to ideas and newness
     take time to listen
     be present

Today's after school meeting
     compliance feels like playing games
     we want what is best for kids
     some people only know how to complain

Tomorrow's all day meetings
     what is my role?
     how can I be supportive?
     what can I control?


  1. Oh, you've captured the world of meetings well. With each meeting comes different roles, different purposes, and different expectations. It can be so overwhelming. I love the format you created to share your differing thoughts about each meeting! It was clear and helped to focus my thinking on each type of meeting, as well as to compare them.

    1. Thank you. It's been a rough day. I don't particularly like spending time in meetings. I would much rather be in a classroom with kids. BUT, I understand the value that can come out of planning meetings and reflective meetings and collaborative meetings.
      Again, thanks for reading.


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