Thursday, March 8, 2018

Veteran and Master

Today, I hosted all day collaboration time for each grade level.  The content conversations revolved around math, so I was pretty much marginalized.  I am ok with that.  My role was hostess.  I did what I could, served up chocolate, ensured the temperature was comfortable, empathized with conversations.

Because I was not in charge of facilitating thinking or guiding conversations, I had the luxury of engaging in some wondering, letting my thoughts wander.  One of the other coaches addressed the experienced teachers as "master teachers".

That term caught my attention, and I sat, thinking.

Master makes me think of someone with mega skills.  Someone at the top of her game.  A teacher that knows learning and knows kids.  I want to be a master.

Many times, we have employed the term "veteran teacher".  I've never had a problem with that...until now.  In contrast to master, the word veteran carries connotations of negativity.  Or, it does now.  Veterans have battle scars.  Veterans tell war stories.

Masters thrive.  Veterans survive.

I don't want to survive my career, I want to thrive in learning, knowing, teaching.

How was your day?  Do you feel like a master or a veteran today?

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  1. I love getting to sit in on meetings where I am not facilitating or running the show. It allows so much more time for reflection, as you mention. Since I had a snow day today, I will be thinking about this tomorrow during my all-day PD!


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